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DS Master is a new venture for developing and marketing a unique software tool for e-commerce and online trading. The tool helps online merchants use drop-shipping methods, by automating the buying and selling operations, taking advantage of the price differences (arbitrage) between various e-commerce marketplaces and cashing a profit from these differences.

Our team
Ami Hazan is the driving force behind DsMaster. He has systematically become a master in every aspect of online business operations. His marketing campaigns have generated hundreds of thousands of leads resulting in tens of millions of dollars in online sales. Ami Hazan has an uncanny ability to take a simple idea, platform it, build a system around it and turn it into an income producing opportunity for the masses. 
emporen.jpgOren Malka iOren Malka is a coder with 20 years of experience, leading the software team of DsMaster to their goals. Oren keep lead our team and developing our DsMaster software, pursuit perfection.